The QBS English Service Radio launched at the end of 1971 with an aim to cater to the English-speaking communities in Qatar.

During that time, QBS Radio broadcasted daily for one hour but eventually moved up to include three live shows.

Gradually, those early beginnings turned into a variety of programs and segments that touch upon several topics. Accordingly, as of 2019 and the years to come, a combination of hard-work, perseverance and professionalism will continue to be poured into QBS Radio allowing it to grow exponentially providing its listeners with compelling content and a broad range of music adhering to an array of preferences.

Qatar Media Corporation (QMC)

Qatar Media Corporation (QMC) is the official broadcasting authority for the State of Qatar.

As a corporation, QMC was established in 2009 to oversee media services in numerous TV and Radio channels that include: Qatar TV Channel, Alkass Sports Channels, Qatar Radio, Quraan Kareem Radio, QBS Radio, Oryx FM Radio, Urdu Radio, and Sout Al Khaleej Radio. Equipped with the slogan "keeping up with what's new and to our values we commit" and a media orientation that serves the ends of Qatar National Vision 2030, QMC vigorously pursues the latest developments in media updates & technologies in the third millennium with media content that accommodates development and preserves the culture and identity of the state and its community.

Our Departments

PR - Marketing

QBS Radio’s Marketing and public relations department was established in 2019 that contacted to QMC marketing department.
Improvements and changes in our segment have been made by conducting different marketing strategies and ideas making it possible for us to reach different categories of listeners.
For any inquiries you can get in touch with us at marketing@qmc.qa or by phone: (974) 4488 8806

Programs dept

The QBS programs team specializes in on-air content, from live shows to recorded programs, the team of producers and DJ’s handpicks entertaining and relevant content catered to local audience. The team also hosts a variety of local and international guests, including community trailblazers, local initiatives, and artists. Through our special programming, we cover major local events and festivals to keep the listeners informed and entertained, while staying true to the station’s identity and mission.

Social Media dept

Our social media pages have been active since 2018 with the sole purpose is to enhance consumer engagement and communicate with our listeners. Our vision is to deliver the truth, create new content and interact with our listeners.

News dept

QBS's news department is deeply committed to keeping its listeners informed on recent events. Our dynamic team works proudly together to keep you updated on all the fun and exciting activities and attractions happening around the country, while staying in the loop on regional and international headlines, connecting Qatar with the rest of the world.

Sport dept

The QBS Sports team provides comprehensive programs and coverages on local and international sports. The department was first established in 21,2021.
Shows and coverages also focus on major events happening or have already happened in Qatar, such as the build-up to Qatar World Cup 2022, the FIFA Arab Cup and other exciting sporting events that are held here in Qatar.
Going behind-the-scenes of local and international sporting events, QBS sports team will bring you up-to-date and cover exclusive stories from athletes and fans.